okret is a one-stop-shop to transition your brand to the circular economy.

We build the missing knowledge databases, technology and physical infrastructure — to help fashion companies with the seamless integration of recommerce systems within the existing value chain.

a circular ecosystem


Our academic expertise combined with practical experience gained within fashion companies, makes it possible to effectively build bridges between textile waste and innovative circular solutions.

At okret you get everything you need in one place to develop future-proof business: knowledge, technology and operational support to close the loop — no matter where your organisation stands today.

We help you set up smart take-back systems, collect and apply real-life data of your product performance — to ensure that your design, production processes and consumer communication transition smoothly to the economy of the future.


closing your circle


We help you build efficient end-of-life alternatives for your products. When second-hand or leftover stock textiles are no longer usable, our creative studio recovers this material and develops it into unique circular collections.


We recycle the fashion process in its whole — by only working with existing models and materials from deadstock and second-hand textiles.


With REMODE by okret we bring together various partners around circular co-creation and showcase the endless possibilities of transparent business models and creative redesign processes.


okret is not a lone player, it’s a collaborative community.

By joining forces, we can close the circle.
okret puts theory into practice for anybody wishing to engage, whether an organisation or a consumer.


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