okret is not a marketplace, it’s a movement.
Our goal isn’t just to sell second-hand clothes, but to create infinite textile loops.

We co-create better fashion with our brand partners.
And leave zero waste behind.

create infinite loops

okret is not a lone player, it’s a collaborative community.
Our mission is to provide solutions that put sustainability at the heart of your business.

We provide transparent information and raise awareness about future challenges. To empower and inspire the end-consumer to become part of the circular revolution.

By joining forces, we can close the circle.
okret puts theory into practice for anybody wishing to engage, whether an organisation or a consumer.

implement second hand & fashion resale under own brand name


the future is circular

Maximise your revenue potential and revolutionise your sustainability credentials: it’s a win-win scenario.

okret supports your brand at every stage of the circular process – or even takes the entire job off your hands. Together we build high-efficiency end-of-life alternatives for your fashion brand.


Launch your own re-commerce platform within a couple of weeks.

Our white-label platform can be easily tailored to your brand image and needs.
The supporting technology is constantly evolving, with the focus on creating a higher fashion resale conversion for your brand.

reverse logistics

Leave the ‘biggest monster’ of all – second-hand fashion – to us.

Whether you lack in-house capacity or simply don’t know how to deal with post-consumer apparel, we can manage the process from start to finish: from authentication, repairing and cleaning, to re-marketing and selling it in your name.

sustainability management

We know what you struggle with because we’ve been in your shoes.

We are uniquely skilled in both the theory and practice of sustainable fashion. Combining academic expertise with practical, hands-on experience gained in the workplace, we will help you transition to the circular economy. Every aspect of successful sustainability management can be integrated into your own fashion value chain.

real-life circularity

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back-to-school weekend in de FoF pop-up hub

Future of Fashion pop-up hub makes the last weekend of the summer vacation all about the kids! Creative circular workshops and exciting co-creation games for the kids — a secondhand shop & a reading corner for the parents.

May 27, 2022

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back to the future (of fashion) as we know it

Back on popular demand: After a first series of successful events, the Future of Fashion pop-up hub opens its doors again for the broader audience — full of new inspiration for sustainable fashion lovers. Follow our socials for more info — it seems like we'll be doing this on a regular basis.

May 27, 2022


join the circular revolution

Not sure where to begin?
Start with the change that has the greatest impact:
Integrate resale & second-hand offers under your own brand name.

Reconnect with your customer on an extra level.
Help new customers find their way to your brand.

we’re sure you’ve heard it too: the resale economy is booming. feel like you belong here? get in touch, we’d love to meet you.

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