be inspired November 17, 2022

how can recommerce help your brand grow?

People love second-hand. That has been the case for years. It’s more affordable, better for the planet and a great way to piece together an eye-catching personal style. By responding to this trend and reselling pre-loved items, fashion brands can grow their business, generate extra income and address new target groups. But how exactly does that work? okret is happy to list it for you.

a sale that continues to yield

This is how it works in the standard sales cycle. Suppose you sell a pair of trousers. This brings in revenue at one point — the price your customer pays. That’s where it ends. Whether your buyer wears those pants until they fall apart, donates them to charity or resells them on an external platform like Vinted or Vestiaire Collective, your share is limited to that very first transaction.

If you have set up a recommerce model, the trousers sold end up in a circular sales cycle. When your first customer is done with it, you can resell the pants to someone who wants to give them a second life. This process can, in theory, continue as long as the pants remain in good condition, bringing a steady revenue stream. Even if the piece eventually starts to show flaws, there are ways to keep it in circulation. Just think of an internal repair service or an upcycling program, for example. The possibilities are endless, and okret is happy to help you explore them.

a new source of potential buyers

True fashionistas love to follow the trend cycles and to look for what is innovative and original every season. Others prefer to invest in timeless, pre-loved items that are kinder to the wallet and the planet. With a reselling strategy you ensure that your brand attracts the attention of both camps. The first group will flock to your latest drops as soon as they hit the shelves, while the second group will scour your resell platform for pre-owned pearls.

In practice, this means expanding your customer base, boosting your sales, and seeing your brand more represented both online and in the real world. And isn’t that what fashion is all about?

a look into the future

We live in a world that is evolving at lightning speed. The climate is rapidly deteriorating, technology is changing social relationships and people are more connected than ever. With Generation Z entering the labor market, we are seeing consumer demands shift dramatically in favor of sustainability and ethical consumption. In fact, the report of First Insight: The State of Consumer Spending shows that the vast majority of Gen Z consumers are willing to pay up to 10% more for sustainable products.

To remain relevant as a fashion brand for this new, demanding generation, clear measures must be taken to set up a circular model, limit waste and streamline processes. Recommerce is one of the most effective ways to extend the life cycle of sold articles, to reuse materials and to shape a more sustainable fashion industry in the long term.

get started with recommerce

okret realises all too well that as a fashion brand you don’t have the time, resources or focus to drastically tinker with your strategy in parallel to running your core business activities. That’s why we have pre-organised the recommerce management chain to take over from you — any step of the process or from start to finish. Together we build a recommerce system that fits your offering, customers and values.

Curious how exactly we do that? Feel free to contact us!