meet the industry March 6, 2023

future of fashion pop-up days 11 — 26 march 2023

The future of fashion is circular, digital and inclusive. The first step towards this future is for fashion brands to fully commit to fashion resale: to showcase how inspiring and stylish the resale business can be — both for brands as for consumers — okret launches its first pop-up event in the circuit, Antwerp’s circular playground on the ‘Nieuw Zuid’.

a circular textile ecosystem

In the Future of Fashion hub, okret develops business models focused on efficient circular solutions for fashion brands and the end consumer. By combining academic expertise in circular fashion and practical experience within international fashion companies — okret builds bridges between what some would call waste and new circular creation.

what to expect?

A combination of knowledge sharing, circular shopping and events focusing on interaction between the industry professional and the end-consumer. A selection of past collections, second-hand and upcycled pieces from okret’s first partners such as Belgian brands Terre Bleue, Gigue, CKS,  or uprising Italian Maatroom, but also unique products made from damaged textiles by zero-waste designers like Andrea Bos and Catharina Bossaert — and okret’s in-house project under the name re-mode by okret — a creative experiment in search for ultimate circularity within the fashion value chain, recycling everything from design to resources.

Gain new industry-insights around the production process of clothing — and the importance of circular business models for a sustainable future of fashion. The pop-up aims to create awareness about sustainability in fashion, inspire and engage the visitors to start their own transition together as a community.

fri 17 march — we will talk to the industry

Join us on Friday 17 March for the panel discussion on circular economy in fashion — we will focus on real-life challenges of the industry, combining different professional roles and perspectives throughout the whole fashion value chain. What seems a right future-proof approach? And why are some things easier said than done? First-hand testimonials from mature organisation representatives or industry experts should give us some answers to strategic approach and show the quick-wins in the meantime.

Event is free of charge, but we’d appreciate you registering if you’d give us two minutes of your time.


sun 19 march — we will talk to the consumer

Like any good Sunday should be — during this sofa session our moderator Britt Buseyne from Sustainababbels makes space for some philosophical questions on a better future you would like to co-create. How do you think we can sustain trends in a resource-depleting world? Let your voice be heard — which circular initiatives inspire you — and what holds you back to do more than today?

Please register if you’d like a pain-au-chocolat waiting for you — otherwise you can also jump in very last-minute.


wed 22 march — we will talk to the students

During this creative afternoon in the FoF hub, we welcome high school-students with a theoretical introduction to the circular economy in the clothing & textile industry. We aim to fill the knowledge gaps they don’t always get in class — and inspire them with hands-on approach to a creative, efficient awareness raising among the critical mass and consumers of the future.

Registrations are obligatory — we provide all the necessary material to participate the workshop. If you already have a piece of clothing or just any textile object you’d love to refresh — you’re more than welcome to bring it along!


sat 25 march — something old is something new

Styling session alert! Bring your girlfriends along for an inspirational styling workshop where we dive deep in the tips & tricks of outfits that empower our figure and personality. Avoid bad buys and invest in clothes that you will enjoy wearing for years to come. Discover silhouettes and colours that best suit your figure and personal style — the ones that make you shine even on a bad day. Is there a piece of clothing in your closet that you find difficult to combine but you still hold dear? Take it to the styling workshop and get inspired by FoF styling expert Donia Sassi.

Event is free of charge but registrations are advised — we focus on giving you the best personal experience and will work with a limited number of participants.


sun 26 march — Future of Fashion manifesto 2023

Future of Fashion pop-up hub is closing its doors — just physically, of course, as this is only a beginning of our future-focused mission to make the circular economy mainstream among fashion brands and shoppers. Join us for a closing get-together — where we will present our insights and the evaluation of the past weeks — as well as translate idealistic dreams (and craziest ideas you left us in the idea box) into some concrete ambitions and goals for the upcoming months.

Future of Fashion hub will continue to provide a platform for a collaborative community making circularity in textiles our new reality — and we want you to become a part of it. Register here or just come by spontaneously.