be informed November 18, 2023

SAM X REMODE — an ode to well-being and circular fashion

In a joint mission to create positive societal impact and embed sustainability in the fashion industry, okret and SAM Sensory & More, proudly introduce the REMODE by okret x SAM capsule collection. A limited edition of zero-waste weighted collars as a symbol to raise awareness and encourage mindful living and consuming.

Meet the REMODE slow-down collar!

Behind this innovative collaboration are Sara Kovic from okret, a pioneer in circular fashion, and An Luyten from SAM, known for sensory-friendly clothing and accessories for highly sensitive demographics. The REMODE by okret x SAM ‘vertraag-kraag’ serves as a call to change the way we live and consume.


Sara Kovic underlines the importance of co-creation in the transition to the circular economy: “REMODE, okret’s creative studio, transforms textile surplus into new circular creations — this is done in collaboration with various partners to raise awareness about circular fashion. Teaming up with SAM places our mission in a new context.

why this collar?

The choice to reinvent exactly the weighted collar using deadstock fashion fabrics was very deliberate. The proven deep pressure of the collar not only provides immediate relaxation but also acts as a catalyst for a conscious, slower way of consumption. We’ve named it the ‘slow-down collar’ and aim to creatively inspire individuals to slow down and create space to re-think — both figuratively and literally.”

We invite consumers to consciously participate in this movement. An Luyten explains: “Fashion can be a source of calm in our hectic lives. With these weighted collars, known for their calming effect through deep pressure, we offer not only enhanced well-being but also the opportunity to contribute to the local circular fashion industry.”

We’ve named it the ‘slow-down collar’ and aim to creatively inspire individuals to slow down and create space to re-think — both figuratively and literally.

The REMODE by okret x SAM capsule collection is available in four fabric combinations, all crafted from deadstock high-end fashion fabrics. It provides an opportunity to not only consume stylish and sustainable fashion but also improve mental well-being and reduce stress. All while supporting the local circular economy, as the collars are entirely handmade in Belgium.

need to slow down yourself?

Pre-orders are now open! Get your weighted collar here.
If you’d like to physically try the slow-down collar before buying — join us on the 14th of December 2023 at the Winterfest of Startit@KBC in The Beacon, Sint Pietersvliet 7, Antwerp.

wellbeing at work?

Do you also think that the REMODE slow-down collar would be a great New Year’s gift for your professional relations or clients? Or do you see the value in introducing these collars to your workplace to support the wellbeing of your colleagues? Feel free to get in touch with us for a B2B order!