be informed August 21, 2023

back-to-school weekend in de FoF pop-up hub

Ever noticed how kids have this incredible way of looking at the world? They see it as bright and simple, untouched by the everyday hustle adults deal with. We believe that teaching them about circularity from a young age is like giving them a map to a brighter future. You know how it goes – creative minds thrive when they are free. As parents, it might even be your wisest investment in the circular economy. So the Future of Fashion pop-up hub makes the last weekend of the summer vacation all about the kids!

Join us 26th & 27th of August from 12:00 to 18:00 for a back-to-school weekend fest at circuit Antwerpen, the playground on Nieuw Zuid where everything goes in circles (but not in a dizzy way). Creative circular workshops and exciting co-creation games for the kids — a physical shop by SECOND KID & a reading corner for the parents. Discover new (secondhand) outfits or drop off your children’s clothing you no longer use, and SECOND KID will resell* them for you.


FoF hosts walk-in circular workshops during this weekend fest — where our designer Valentine Tinchant will guide you through the process of remaking your secondhand textiles. Valentine is like a fashion wizard — she’ll show you how to transform old clothes into amazing new ones. You’ve got an old bagpack or a pencil case — bring them along!

We focus on preserving the quality of existing textiles and saving valuable material from going to waste.
Going back to school doesn’t necessarily mean long shopping lists — the stuff you already have can become new with a little bit of creativity and a lot of fun. We’re talking about colorful patches, clever repairs, and a whole lot of smiles.

Join the resale collective and help build a world where reusing clothes is cool.
No-nonsense, just fair deals and sustainable children’s fashion.
Come enjoy a drink and a chat, get your children’s clothes & school textiles fresh for the new start!





* SECOND KID curates secondhand children fashion, and supports original, quality and sustainable brands. Not all clothing can be sold on the marketplace — ask a team member to explain the selection process.