talking about revolution

be informed 23/05/2023

back to the future (of fashion)

After a first series of successful events, the Future of Fashion pop-up hub opens its doors again for the broader audience — full of new inspiration for sustainable fashion lovers.


Who says you need to buy new stuff every season to freshen up your wardrobe? Find the perfect balance between newness and sustainability at our SWAP-DROP-SHOP! It’s time to give your old pieces a new lease on life and exchange them for other pre-loved treasures you will actually wear. We’re talking about a fashion revolution where nothing goes to waste — even those torn jeans can be magically repaired for you. Get ready for the fashion circle of awesomeness!

why you should definitely join us

Spring cleaning means it’s time to declutter that closet of yours. Gather all the pieces you no longer wear and SWAP-DROP-SHOP! Swap what you no longer wear or drop those fashion gems that have been begging for some TLC. Our repair & care partners will work their magic, fixing and cleaning the clothes you love so you can proudly wear them again.

Swing by whether to exchange some killer clothes, or just to chill in our awesome outdoor area discussing a better future of fashion. No clothes to swap? At our secondhand shop-corner you can score new-to-you pieces with good old cash. Our idea box remains open too — you can always drop us a thought!

how to rock the swap

— bring max 15 pieces of clothing, whether it’s for women, men, or kids — the more, the merrier!
— each item with resale value you bring earns you re-currency, which you can use to score some fresh finds for yourself.
— make sure your clothes are in good condition — cleanliness is key for success!
— stained? Our partners from Nanex will be present — you can instantly clean all your pieces at the pop-up.
— leave your lingerie and swimwear at home, they’re taking a day off from this party.

The event is totally open for everybody, but we’d appreciate it if you could register so we can plan somewhat plan it.

(not) convinced yet?

Haven’t found anything to swap but still got clothes you no longer wear? Don’t get us started on possibilities — depending on the resale market value of your pieces, okret can take them back from you — and offer you a discount shop-voucher. If you don’t find anything this time — you can drop your pieces at okret and we will resell them in your name. If the resale value is too low — you can donate what you don’t wish to take back home and we will match it with a charity in need.

31 may — movie night

Get ready for another epic movie night at the Future of Fashion pop-up hub! We’re about to take you on a ride through the complex world of the global fashion supply chain. But hold on tight, because it doesn’t stop there — we might be diving deep into the ‘rabbit hole’ of a more sustainable future of fashion afterwards.

And guess what? This movie night isn’t just about the talk. We’ve got a real movie involved too: River Blue — a mind-blowing 6-times awarded documentary. It exposes the dark side of fashion, its destruction of our rivers and its effect on humanity, but also the inspiring solutions that give us hope for a better tomorrow.

the best part: it’s your turn to shine!

We want to hear all your insights, creative ideas, and personal experiences. Some laid-back chat, some drinks, and co-creating a collaborative community that’s all about redefining fashion.
Mark your calendars, grab your crew, and get ready for a movie night like no other. Let’s change the way we talk about fashion! Drop us a registration form if you really like us, or just pass by incognito otherwise.

see you at circuit!